RailsClub Moscow 2017

September 23

RailsClub - is a Ruby/Ruby on Rails developers conference. We gather together the leading Russian and the world’s best Ruby developers to spread knowledge and share experience in Ruby community. We are going to discuss design, development, testing and debugging issues as well as highload optimization, scaling and technical maintenance of real-world Rails applications. RailsClub 2017 is your unique chance to gain knowledge, make friends, meet the colleagues and Ruby stars — all in one comfortable space!


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Bozhidar Batsov

VP of Engineering at Toptal, Author of Rubycop

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Luca Guidi

Family man, indie OSS dev. Author of @hanamirb web framework for Ruby, DNSimple

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Piotr Solnica

Author of rom-rb and dry-rb, Icelab

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Richard Schneeman

2016 Ruby Hero. Top 50 Rails contributors. , Heroku

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Nick Sutterer

Author of Trailblazer, Trailblazer

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Kir Shatrov

Production Engineer, Shopify

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Anton Davydov

Software developer. Open source enthusiast, Hanami core

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Andrey Molchanov

Software Developer, Evrone

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Vladimir Dementyev

Developer, Evil Martians

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Anna Sherbinina

Teamlead, Artec3D

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Nikita Shilnikov

Dry-rb и Rom-rb, Core developer

List sobolev
Nikita Sobolev

elixir-lang.moscow organizer, Auth0 Ambassador, Wemake.services

List sheglov
Aleksandr Shcheglov

Developer, VoltMobi

List tytin
Stanislav Tyutin

Developer, VoltMobi

List german
Stas German

Web developer, Rambler&Co

List kumanayev
Andrew Kumanyaev

Software Engineer, FindHotel

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Aleksandr Ermolaev

Teamlead, Integros



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