Dear Matsumoto-san!

The growing Russian Ruby community invites you to deliver a key talk at our biggest conference RailsClub.

We’ve been dreaming to meet you since we started this conference in 2009. Last year we had 500+ participants and this autumn we expect even more. Any date In August - September – October that works for you will work for us.

We will make sure that you enjoy your stay in Moscow and get to see the most amazing parts of the city. RailsClub is the most non stressful conference ever! You are welcome to ask our previous speakers Koichi Sasada, Aaron Patterson, Steve Klabnik, Erik Michaels-Ober, Eric Hodel, Jeremy Evans, Ernie Miller, Xavier Noria, Yehuda Katz for the feedback.

We have a very special invitation for you directly from the Ruby meet-up in Moscow.

Looking forward to seeing you at RailsClub 2016!